MicroBT Whatsminer M30S vs Bitmain Antminer S17+ Comparison Smackdown

We recently had a customer who bought 1500 asic miners ask us initially about the M30S.  We told them about the features and the price and they stated as most people do "Oh, well I am going to go with the S17+ then because it costs less and I can get it in less than 60 days."  This is very common because it can be hard to understand how to get the most profit out of your investment.

So, we decided to run an analysis of the S17+ vs the M30S if hosted at a general hosting facility for a period of 4 years which is the serviceable lifespan of a professionally hosted miner.  We used $0.16 per terahash and $0.06 per kwh which are today's numbers.

We also added in two additional months of profit run time for the S17+.  In other words, you get your S17+ say two full months faster than you get the M30S which is not really the case most of the time but it is sometimes.  You set them up and run them for 50 months vs 48 months with the M30S.  Guess what, it doesn't matter.  In the case of the 1500 miners, our customer would have thrown away almost $3.3 Million in profit using the S17+.

We also played with the numbers.  The "halving" is coming.  So that means HALF the profit.  So, if the average mining profitability were $0.16 per day (which it is today) then it will be $0.08 at the beginning of the "halving" assuming price and global hashrate remain similar.  If you change the revenue rate from $0.16 to $0.08 guess what??  The S17+ actually loses money in this scenario while the M30S is profitable! 

The results of this test are amazing!  The M30S literally makes $3,291,000 more profit than the S17+ for our customer even after subtracting the initial cost of the miners and giving the S17+ a two month head start.  You can download the analysis at the end of this blog to do your own research with your numbers. Check out the results here:

Profitability Analysis of the M30S vs the S17+