Pre-Sale of Whatsminer M30S starts today!

The official pre-sale of the Whatsminer M30S the world's faster Bitcoin Miner starts today Friday January 24th 2020!

We at are taking orders for the next generation device.  Here are all the stats:

Initial Price: $2428

Speed: 86 THS

Power Efficiency: 38 Watts per THS (total 3268 W)

Size is the exact same as the M20S.  Initial tests are that this machine is as stable as the M20S.  As far as stability goes the Bitmain S7, S9 and then the Whatsminer M3, M10, M20 and M30 series are the most stable most heat tolerant most cold tolerant devices on the planet.  They have all been designed by the same design team and thus are the most sturdy in the industry.