Whatsminer M31S+ 76Ths - SOLD OUT

Regular price $5,707.01
  • Includes PSU
  • Normal Hashrate: 76 Thash/s +-5% @25C
  • Power Ratio: 46W/T +-10% @25C
  • Power Supply Specifications: P21 AC200V-300V, 3600W max
  • Working Temperatures: -5C to 35C
  • Size: 390mm*155mm*240mm
  • Weight: 11.5 kg
  • Network connection: Wired Ethernet
  • 365 day manufacture warranty
  • Advantages:
    • Easy web based interface for single machine management
    • Best multi-machine management tool for 10's to thousands of machines
    • Leading industry hashrates
    • Leading industry low power consumption
    • Leading industry smaller size of unit

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1. Failure to install products in accordance with specifications, free to go up and down shelves, free to pull, pick up, lift and smash lead to parts detachment, unstable links, circuit board breakage and other products that lead to damage;

2. Products not normally on the shelf due to improper operation, including but not limited to products damaged by line back-plugging, less or no plugging;

3. Unauthorized to disassemble, refit or repair damaged products without written or electronic authorization;

4. Products that are inefficient or damaged due to unofficial designated accessories, including but not limited to power supply, control panel, fan, cable, etc.

5. The use of unofficial supporting software leads to poor arithmetic, abnormal arithmetic, jamming and burning machine products;

6. Self-modifying product operation parameters (e.g. over-frequency) will shorten the service life of the product or directly damage the product.

7. Damage caused by failure to use electricity, power grid and environment according to the specifications, including but not limited to humid environment, corrosive environment, ultra-high temperature environment, dust particles, abnormal voltage and current (surge, shock, instability), etc.

8. Products whose serial numbers have been maliciously modified, defaced or purposely removed;

9. Damages caused by natural disasters include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, fires, rainstorms and sandstorms.